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Day 1 - September 9, 2022

The revolution may not be televised but it is written in political memos. Join Political Narrative Strategist, Maya Contreras, as she leads a discussion breaking down the internal memos that have changed the direction of America and illustrate their impact on policy, the press, and the public.

Join us outside in The Courtyard after this session to continue the conversation at the Sparking Spot! 

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Maya Contreras

Maya Contreras hails from four generations of artists and advocates who know the power of story. She grew up studying artistic, philosophical, and political narratives. This led to a BA in Comparative Religion and Philosophy from FSU and an Art & Public Policy degree from NYU. Maya was the Women's Media Center’s Progressive Voice in 2020. Maya won multiple awards for her research which led to her project, “Language of Theft: The Memo Project,” that illustrate the ways in which elected leadership and corporate America plot the course of policy behind closed doors much to the detriment of the public.


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Jen Devor

Jen Devor is a South Philly block captain, public school advocate, voting enthusiast, and a published author on civic engagement. She is the president and co-founder of Better Civics, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to revolutionizing civic engagement and voter turnout through education. Better Civics works with community partners to create tools and resources that better explain how government works and encourage individuals to be more civically engaged.  In addition to leading Better Civics, Jen serves as the Vice President of Partnerships at Campus Philly, an economic development organization with the mission of attracting and retaining college students to the Greater Philadelphia Region. These roles work seamlessly together as Jen continues to civically engage all residents. 

Jen was a 2019 candidate for City Commissioner, the office that oversees election activity in Philadelphia. She ran a great race and was endorsed by various organizations, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, National Organization for Women, and Run for Something.