Meet Amplify Philly

About Us

Amplify Philly elevates Philadelphia locally and internationally as a welcoming place to experiment and learn, and an affordable place to take risks. We leverage Philly’s resourcefulness to create meaningful connections.

We fill the gap in business attraction and talent development by convening creators and decision makers in spaces that spark curiosity and exploration.


Interdisciplinary Innovation | Economic & Entrepreneurial Growth | Redefining Creativity

Organizational Values

Learning & Experimentation - We aren’t afraid to try things out and learn from what works and what doesn’t. We know progress happens when you take chances and put the lessons you learn to work. 


Flexibility & Adaptability - We’re nimble and responsive to the leaders, and creators who are driving innovation forward, and we’re open to creating out-of-the-box opportunities for exciting conversations to happen between them.


Cultural Representation - We represent Philly, and so our programming focuses on uplifting the people who make Philly what it is. Our events reflect the city and showcase who we are from an intersectional perspective.