Mishka Vodka

Mishka Vodka is the exclusive liquor partner at B. PHL 2023! You can find custom B. PHL inspired cocktails at the bar. 


Mishka Vodka

Russell Fletcher, the CEO/Master Distiller, founded the company in 2007. This Life Forever is the first minority-owned distillery in the United States as a lifestyle brand...   

T.L.F. is now the producer of its grass-roots premium vodka brand, Mishka Premium Vodka, after launching Brenéa Sparkling Rosé in 2010 and pivoting into spirits in 2012 due to thinning wine margins. Mishka has since won Double Gold and Gold Medals in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and has become a bartender's favorite and is making its way into homes.   While Mishka's foundation shares all of our competitors' characteristics, we believe our aesthetics add intrigue. Our flavors, on the other hand, are unlike any other product on the market, and this has always distinguished us. Mishka's Flavors, with an ABV of 40%, can withstand all the acidities in cocktails while remaining a favorite to be consumed on its own. 

Our proprietary formulation process defies the " flavored vodka " category with all-natural flavor profiles, no added sugars, artificial flavors, or artificial coloring. Our proprietary formulation process defies the "flavored vodka" category. On the rocks or as the basis for a variety of cocktails, Mishka Premium Vodka is also a gluten-free option that your customers can enjoy on the rocks.   

As the old dream of becoming wealthy on a working person's salary has faded in today's world and for the foreseeable future, Mishka is the answer. Individuals seeking healthier options but unwilling to sacrifice taste or overpay have recognized Mishka's health-conscious initiative. The go-to choice for award-winning selections of wholesomely flavored and unflavored spirits, inspired by the lifestyle of creative entrepreneurship.