Soapbox Print Shop




B. PHL is thrilled to announce that The Soapbox will be joining us on-site at B. PHL to screen print custom designs on B. PHL merchandise for attendees! 

The Soapbox is the only community-based studio in Philadelphia with a full letterpress and papermaking studio, alongside resources in screenprinting, relief printing, risograph, book binding and zine making. We have a zine and artist book library of over 3,500 titles. With a focus on building community, we offer workshops and training alongside access to equipment for independent projects. We want to support our community in amplifying and uplifting your voice and creative spirit.

The Soapbox Mission
The Soapbox is a West Philadelphia-based 501c3 non-profit that fosters the creative and political voices of the community. By providing resources, equipment, and instruction in printing, binding, and related self-publication arts, The Soapbox seeks to empower individuals and non-profit community organizations to disseminate information and creative voices. The Soapbox values art-making, word-smithing, and skillsharing towards a vision of social justice wherein all people have access to the means of production, and learn to produce materials that are accessible to the many rather than the few.