Nothing Personal: The Delicate Balance of Human Connections


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Day 1 - March 10, 2024

In a world of personalization, instant gratification, speed, tech, data and AI, there is a delicate balance that must be struck between automation and knowing where a human touch is needed. As we see AI integrate into every aspect of our lives, including the two areas where we work – marketing and healthcare, we ponder when we need human touch and when we can benefit from a shift to digital technology. We currently have robots in surgery, will we see them in the exam room? Doctors use AI for their notes and in some cases diagnosis, are there other areas where AI should take over? And in marketing, where do we need AI the most and what areas should remain the domain of humans? Let’s explore the concept of human touch as a key differentiator in an evolving world powered by machines. 

Speaker Information
Susan Dorfman

Susan Dorfman

Dr. Susan Dorfman is the President & CEO of CMI Media Group, a WPP agency, the leading strategic media planning agency serving the life sciences Industry. She is responsible for the growth and future direction of the agency, with a strategic focus on integrated HCP/consumer data-backed interactions on a global scale. She has immense experience in promotional strategy development, omni-channel/multi-channel media and relationship marketing, customer insights, and media innovation built to reach, engage, and deliver a return on investment.  


Susan lives and dreams data. Her passion is transforming data into actionable and measurable tactics that ultimately leads to reaching her clients’ audiences down to the individual level.  


Susan is unstoppable in her quest to provide the most actionable strategies to our clients. She provides vision and leadership to both clients and her staff; she has a knack of concepting and nurturing innovative ideas that turn into viable products that make a real impact in the marketplace. 

Mentorship and DE&I is a priority to Susan. As part of this, she is the executive sponsor of PLUS+, the LGBTQ ERG, and for Shalom, the Jewish ERG, for CMI Media Group and Compas.

She is a Doctor of Health Administration, co-author on the definitive guide to EHRs, and an industry speaker with strong connections to the healthcare and life sciences industries. She has been the recipient of several industry honors including: PharmaVOICE 100, PM360 ELITE, HBA Rising Star, MM+M Innovation Catalyst, the Campaign 40 Over 40 Award, MM+M Pinnacle Award and the Campaign Female Frontier Award.


Tarak Shah

Tarak Shah is a commercial leader with roots in science and technology, with a passion for innovation and developing people.  Tarak understands the dynamics of how a specialty pharmaceutical organization should operate in our current environment.  Tarak is currently US Head of Customer Engagement for Ferring Pharmaceuticals.  In this role, he has led the enterprise-level strategy and transformation into Omnichannel which has helped multiple brands evolve their customer engagement activities into a more holistic, customer-centric and insight-driven approach. 

Prior to Ferring, Tarak worked at Celgene and Amgen where he led global digital strategy for Otezla. Tarak has also led marketing strategy at Merck and worked in multiple digital marketing and digital health roles at Janssen.  

Tarak has over 16 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  He holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering with a double major in Economics from Northwestern University, a Master of Biotechnology degree from The University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Rutgers Business School.

Oz Demir

Oz Demir

 Oz is the Head of Digital Marketing at Genentech.  He has been in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years with previous roles at Novartis, Bayer and Pfizer. Oz is recognized in the industry with multiple media appearances, and multiple awards including a recent 40 under 40 award, PM360 Elite Award for being a Digital Crusader - The Streaming Marketer, and an MM&M Top 40 Transformer for his work around transforming how the industry leverages digital to make a difference. Oz has a BA in Computer Science and Engineering, received an MBA while he was working at Pfizer, and pursued his PhD in Marketing while working at Bayer.

Lee Powell

Lee Powell

Lee Powell is a Chief Technology Officer @ WPP. Bringing 17 plus years of experience to the table, Lee is an enthusiastic, creative mind with a commitment to providing innovative solutions for his health and pharma clients. He has a passion for enabling complex data, technology, and information into strategic business intelligence. Lee’s diverse professional background enables him to utilize a variety of skills encompassing everything from design to engineering. Throughout his career, Lee has capitalized on his collaborative, communicative approach to uncover challenges and unlock opportunities across many areas of focus including; technology, data science, media and creative to name a few. Of late, Lee has been focused on thoughtfully bringing ai and automation to all client workflows.

Carly Kuper

Carly Kuper

Carly is the official spokesperson and thought leadership wrangler for CMI Media Group, a WPP company, and Compas, which includes authorship of a daily client briefing, The Scoop, which shares what’s hot in the industry, as well as creating and curating content with colleagues. She also spearheads all earned media initiatives for the company, including the social media feeds and press relations. Her 20-plus-year career has been mainly in healthcare and tech, although she’s also represented a toy company and a luxury dude ranch. She loves combing the web for the news that is most important for clients to know, and through The Scoop has gotten to work with the industry’s top thought leaders, as well as share the brilliance of her colleagues with the world. She knows most of our clients only have a few minutes to catch up on industry news every day, and that often The Scoop can fill an important void for them. Carly is a frequent volunteer for Liguori Academy and is on the board of She has been named one of the Top Women in PR by PR News and industry ELITE by PM360 as well as a Rising Star by HBA.