Tuft The World

Join Tuft the World in the Courtyard to add your piece to custom rugs being created at the Amplify Philly House! 


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Tuft the World was established in 2018 by Tiernan Alexander and Tim Eads, Texas-born artists and business owners living and working in West Philadelphia. The company was founded to provide tufters with the high-quality tools, materials, and instruction they need to make their own tufting projects. Tiernan and Tim’s collective experience as crafters and educators, as well as their uniquely creative approach to art and life, inspire their mission to make the craft of tufting accessible to a broad audience, while staying true to their values of equity and sustainability.

Tuft the World’s mission is belief in people, community, and the health of our planet over profit.  We believe that creative thinking is the seed of growth, and that everyone is innately creative. It’s our hope that tufting might awaken that spirit in both the most confident artist, and the person who never thought they could make anything. 

Since March 2023, Tuft the World has been using artificial intelligence to create larger tufted projects to connect with people across the country and beyond. Tuft's robotic tufting machine can create tufted works up to 10 x 13 feet; through a new branch of Tuft the World called, “Tuft Editions,” Tuft has begun partnering with organizations, artists and designers to scale up their visions and turn them into a reality.  Their CNC robo-tufter also fabricates the rugs included in “Food and Rug Administration,” another Tuft the World venture that will feature a shop of fun rugs based on food imagery and emojis.  Tuft the World will have some samples of food rugs available for purchase at the SXSW Creative Industries Expo that we cannot wait to share with you!