Welcome to the Recharge Lounge, Presented by Indy Hall!

Catch your breath, charge your phone, and take it easy while you’re in-between talks. Whether you’re plugging in your laptop, sitting down for a snack, or restoring your creative energy with inspiration from B.PHL programming, the Recharge Lounge is where you can take a moment to feel like yourself without being by yourself. 
Take a load off, pop a name tag on. We know it’s a lot easier to meet new people when you’re feeling refreshed and comfortable.
Plug in, breathe out. Have fun. 
Indy Hall 

What is Indy Hall?

We're Philly's first coworking community, and the longest running coworking community in the United States. We’re celebrating our 17th anniversary this year. 
Members of our community include writers, doctors, developers, teachers, students, artists, data nerds, civic hackers, and so much more. What do we all have in common? We value autonomy, collaboration, and curiosity. 
Indy Hall's reach is massive, with members gathering online across time zones, countries, and continents - and members and guests gathering right here in our Clubhouse in Northern Liberties. Learn more, and book a visit to our Clubhouse at indyhall.org.



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