Win Win Coffee Bar



Win Win Coffee is the embodiment of dreams coming true. Proudly led by the dynamic duo of Nikisha Bailey and Matthew Nam, long-time friends with a passion for making a difference with a combined vision to create a coffee community that's welcoming, impactful, and, most importantly, passionate about exceptional coffee.

At Win Win, our mission is crystal clear: we want every customer, whether they're taking their first sip of coffee or are seasoned aficionados, to leave with the same level of satisfaction they get from their carefully crafted cup of joe. We're all about ensuring everyone loves their coffee experience.

Our game-changing approach and direct connection to coffee farmers worldwide ensure transparency and ethical sourcing. Together, we're building a future that's sustainable and equitable for both coffee farmers and coffee lovers like you. As a coffee brand and roaster, we're on a mission to bring more of the industry's revenue back to its roots, promoting equity and generational wealth across the diaspora.

But that's not all! We're here to celebrate the beautiful black rituals of consumption, honor our ancestors, and embrace everything that revolves around the world of great coffee. Join us in this exciting journey of coffee and community at Win Win.