Graffitti with B. PHL branding

About Us

Started in 2019 to highlight Philadelphia as a fantastic place to live and work, B. PHL was founded and created by Independence Blue Cross to create meaningful connections locally and globally between people and organizations doing innovative work and igniting new ideas to inspire change makers of the future.

With plans to return fully back in-person in Fall 2022, the B. PHL team, led this year for the first time under Amplify Philly’s leadership, invites attendees to join us in Philadelphia or via livestream. 

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” - B. Franklin

This multi-day, annual festival is a gathering place for creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, students, changemakers, and industry professionals from near and far. Featuring keynotes, interactive workshops, engaging conversations, and live entertainment, B. PHL is a space for ideas, community, and connection. In the spirit of collaboration, we will shape a more dynamic and solutions-focused future for ourselves and each other.

Philadelphia is the home for new beginnings. It’s the birthplace of innovation. With Philadelphia set as the backdrop and home of B. PHL, we will invite multi-disciplinary local and global creators, inventors, and leaders from across industries to share their insights, stories, inspirations, and challenges. It’s our hope to celebrate what’s gotten us this far while embracing what we will do to keep forging ahead. 

Attendees will walk away from this experience feeling inspired and equipped with best practices and strategies to make a greater impact in your work and communities. Be prepared to meet future collaborators, clients, and connections that will last a lifetime. 

“Never confuse motion with action.” - B. Franklin