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Day 2 - September 10, 2022

Wallo267 and Will Toms are no strangers to working passionately and staying authentic while doing it. Both have reached great successes in their careers, Wallo267 is a pivotal culture disruptor and multi-hyphenated entrepreneur with a following of millions. As the Co-founder & Visionary of REC Philly,  Will Toms has quickly made a name for himself in the region's startup community at the intersection of culture & economics. The two creators will come together to discuss all the important lessons behind identifying lucrative passions, working with a purposeful vision in mind, and cracking the code to profitable outcomes. 

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Wallace “Wallo267” Peeples is a critically acclaimed Author, Top Rated Podcaster, Social Influencer/ Activist, 3x TedX Speaker, and Multi-Hyphenated Entrepreneur that has impacted several million people spanning the widths of American inner-cities to International Global Heights. Named one of the most “Pivotal Culture Disruptors” of our time, Wallo267 has quickly become a highly sought-after and treasured thought leader called upon by the industry’s most powerful leaders and high level executives. No novice to the environmental pitfalls of the underserved urban communities, Wallo267 was formerly incarcerated, spending 20+ years imprisoned behind bars. An unfortunate reality for many, Wallo has made it his life’s work to motivate, empower and prevent unnecessary life disruption for misguided youth in need of daily encouragement through his transformational viral content and impactful speaking engagements.  Cultivating a one of a kind following and reaching over 53Million+ unique social media impressions monthly, Wallo267 has captivated the hearts and minds of a vast and diverse spectrum of people utilizing his unwavering, humanitarian gift to humor, provoke and incite prosperous mindset shifts and awe-inspiring change. Wallo267 currently holds a position as YouTubes Cultural Advisor and has successfully helped the organization create initiatives that support artists and content creators in several major cities. 

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Will Toms

William Tyrone Toms is a dreamer turned visionary. What’s the difference? A dreamer sees visions in their mind while they sleep and daydream. A visionary pulls those visions out of their mind and builds them in the real world to be experienced by others.

Will’s visionary leadership has enabled him to lead his organization from humble beginnings in a warehouse in North Philadelphia, to an 8-figure, multi-city company serving thousands of creatives as well as some of the world’s leading brands. To date, REC Philly, an innovative creative agency and membership club model dedicated to empowering creative people to do more of what they love, has paid out over $2 million dollars to creatives in the Philadelphia region alone. This work with REC and Will’s consistent service to his community earned Will a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in the Social Impact category in 2021. 

In 2022, REC announced its partnership with Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs and Combs Capital to expand REC to more cities nationally, starting with REC Miami in 2023.

Before REC, Will worked at a marketing agency where he worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and learned what it takes to create & grow a world class brand.

Growing up he was always interested in understanding how people who looked like him could make money on their own terms and get paid to be themselves.

That’s why REC is on a mission to empower 10,000,000 creators worldwide with the resources, strategies and opportunities to turn their passion into dollars.