Revolutionary Wellness: Liberation and the Necessary Work for Holistic Health with Joe Holder

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Day 2 - September 10, 2022

Wellness Expert Joe Holder is a Nike Run Coach and Master Trainer, a Fitness and Wellness columnist for GQ Magazine, Founder of The Ocho System, and Co-Founder of System of Service. Born from his academic career at University of Pennsylvania, The Ocho System’s 8 pillar wellness model has been the catalyst to a healthier lifestyle for many. In this one-on-one interactive wellness workshop, Joe will be sharing practical solutions and implementations on designing a holistic wellness practice that empowers you to know and be the best version of yourself.

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Joe Holder

Joe Holder is a Nike Master Trainer and Run Coach with Nike, a Fitness and Wellness columnist for GQ Magazine, Founder of The Ocho System (OS), and Co-Founder of System of Service. The Ocho System (OS) is a philosophy that was formulated during Holder’s time at the University of Pennsylvania. The idea was born out of a balancing act, as he held responsibilities as a student of Sociology of Health and Medicine and Consumer Psychology with the intense schedule of a football player on a 3-time Ivy League Champion team.

Joe Holder has been named one of the most influential individuals in the world of fitness and sport and currently lives in NYC where he is a health and wellness consultant working with brands such as Nike and S10 Training while also providing personal training services for individuals. System of Service is a community organization that provides accessible and engaging service opportunities for all that strives to create impactful service experiences beyond the dollar. In 2018, the organization announced its partnership with Nike and has worked with brands that also include Dyson, SmartWater, and more.