After Party @ REC Philly

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Day 2 - September 10, 2022

Join us at REC Philly for the official B. PHL Afterparty featuring musical performances by Umi and Suzanne Sheer. Space is limited. First come, first serve for B. PHL badge holders. 

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UMI is a 23-year-old Seattle native pioneering a new sound rooted in R&B and neo-soul. Her artistry manifests itself through her honest lyrics and healing sonics, which gives listeners a personal connection to UMI and her music. The energy of her artistry is a reflection of her personality - unique and nostalgic. Currently living in Los Angeles, UMI continues to create genre-bending music that captivates and inspires listeners. 

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Suzanne Sheer

Soulful R&B powerhouse, Suzanne Sheer combines her sexual and surreal compositions with experimental electronic music. Her works suture some of our deepest wounds, pinning loneliness to the ground. By way of dark synths and downright grimy drum and bass grooves, Sheer’s heart crushing balladry and artful pop sensibilities sync effortlessly with kaleidoscopic beats and silky production that might just make Timbaland proud.