Tech Talks: Founders Fireside on the Immersive Tech Landscape


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Day 1 - September 9, 2022

Alesia Bani, The Plug's Innovation Reporter, will sit down with founders Stephanie Reaves and Lori Marion to talk about their entrepreneurial journeys, breaking into the immersive tech industry, and the support and challenges they have faced while building their startups.

Stephanie Reaves is Co-Founder and CPO of Neon Wild. Neon Wild is solving for the lack of diversity and representation in children's media while laying the groundwork for a truly safe and inclusive metaverse for families.

Lori Marion is Co-Founder and CEO of FADE. FADE Technology is a B2B white-label solution that connects IP and Advertising content to commerce on premium streaming and digital publishing platforms—allowing viewers to make in-video purchases directly.

Speaker Information
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Alesia Bani

Alesia Bani is a writer and journalist from Philadelphia and The Plug’s Innovation Reporter covering the Black tech ecosystem in Philadelphia. She previously worked for the Institutional Diversity office at her alma mater Temple University and has a background in reporting on identity, DEI and local government.


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Stephanie Reaves

Expert product and business leader with experience in accelerating product market fit, strategy, and delivery for 10+ Fortune 500 ventures at BCG Digital Ventures. She also has a background as a Software Engineer working in VR and as a Researcher working in finance. In her spare time, Steph enjoys spending time at the beach, playing video & board games, and adventuring with family & friends.


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Lori Marion

Lori Marion is the CoFounder and CEO of Fade Technology Solutions. She has been a marketing and product executive for 20+ years for marquee brands, technology, and a few of the best agencies in the world. She has launched brands, products, and digital experiences for companies including Lexus, Old Navy, Apple, EA, Dolby Labs, Wells Fargo, PayPal, and Google (for ten days.)