Tech Talks: Robotics & Technology


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Day 2 - September 10, 2022

Hear about cutting edge technologies and developments paving the way for deeper exploration, efficiency and safety from construction to consumer products. 

Join us outside in The Courtyard after this session to continue the conversation at the Sparking Spot!

Speaker Information
Julie Zeglen

Julie Zeglen

Julie Zeglen is the managing editor of, and tech and entrepreneurship news site founded in Philadelphia. She previously worked as editor of sister site Generocity, which covers social impact, as well as managing editor of Star Community Newsweekly, a hyperlocal newspaper for the River Wards. The Temple alumna calls West Philly home.


Matt Headshot

Matt Bilsky

Matt Bilsky is the Founder and CEO of FLX Solutions, Inc. who is solving real world problems with cutting edge robotics. He has a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. from Lehigh University focused on smart product design, technical entrepreneurship, and mechatronics. He holds two additional Lehigh degrees; a BS in Mechanical Engineering (9/12) with an Electrical Engineering minor and a Master of Engineering degree also in Mechanical Engineering (5/14). Matt has founded numerous companies including Mattcomp Services, Impossible Incorporated, and FLX Solutions to commercialize the FLX BOT, which also happens to be Matt’s doctoral work. In May 2010, Matt became superintendent of properties for Fifth Street Properties in Bethlehem where he experiences many of the issues onsite that led to the invention of the FLX BOT. Matt is a licensed Professional Engineer and EMT in addition to being an Eagle Scout. 

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Stefanie Modri

Vasowatch LLC is a start-up founded by an obstetrics nurse and an electrical/computer science engineer at the University of Pennsylvania. They are working to create a non-invasive wearable that helps to make childbirth safer by identifying a woman's risk for a postpartum hemorrhage based upon her blood vessel activity.  Continual assessment of her blood vessels helps to accurately assess her risk and helps with situational awareness for her care delivery team.

Stefanie Modri has been an obstetrics (labor and delivery, high-risk OB, antepartum, postpartum, childbirth educator, community nurse) for over 24 years. She is a S.Jersey native and earned her degrees at TCNJ for my BSN and Drexel University for my MSN in Innovation and Intra/Entrepreneurship in Advanced Practice Nursing. Stefanie owns a few businesses (some healthcare, some not) and is thrilled to present Vasowatch at B. PHL to become a leader in accurately identifying who is at-risk for a postpartum hemorrhage. In her career, she wants to improve how we care for mothers giving birth by partnering with nursing and  experts in other fields to solve problems and ID solutions. 


Anush Lingamoorthy

Anush Lingamoorthy

Anush Lingamoorthy is the CTO and Co-Founder of AltruMed, a medical device start-up. AltruMed is focused on developing sensor-driven wearable auto-injectors that can be used to combat the current opioid crisis, where over 52% of this population overdoses when they are alone. He had previously worked as a software engineer for a Philadelphia-based start-up. He gave up this role to pursue his research and develop a wearable device to detect an opioid overdose and inject the reversal drug naloxone. The device uses non-invasive optical sensors to continuously monitor the individual’s biomarkers specific to a fatal overdose and inject naloxone immediately without needing external assistance. He graduated from Drexel University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mechanical Engineering. He is pursuing a Master’s degree in Machine Learning and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering focused on signal processing, mechatronics, and MedTech entrepreneurship.

Vanessa McGrath Headshot

Vanessa McGrath

Vanessa is Chief of Staff and Director of People Operations at Burro. In her role, Vanessa is focused on building an inclusive and equitable culture at Burro. She strongly believes that happy employees make happy customers. As a member of the Senior Leadership team, Vanessa handles investor relations, manages Burro's legal team, and drives organizational structure as the company continues to grow. Vanessa also works to hire, attract, and retain a world-class team of robot-enthusiasts working to solve the most pressing issues in the agriculture industry. She received her B.A from Ursinus College and J.D. from Temple University Beasley School of Law. Vanessa loves to spend time with her long-haired dachshund and is a big supporter of the vibrant Philadelphia art scene, including museums and the ballet.